We at Hanging Solutions pride ourselves on using the Clip-Rail hanging system. Our hanging systems is proven to be the most innovative high-graded quality in hanging systems. With the traditional nail, hammer and picture wire approach to hanging artwork, repositioning a painting or photo typically requires making another new hole in the wall. Luckily, there's now another option that is far less destructive. Our Clip-Rail Hanging System, is an elegant modern solution for hanging all your needs.

Hanging a picture has never been easier! We offer a complete range of hanging systems which enable you to hang your pictures quick and easily in every situation. Our Hanging Systems can be mounted to all types of walls & ceilings. The possibilities are endless, changing your pictures, paintings or photo frames couldn’t be easier using the matching picture hooks & see through cords.You can hang multiple picture frames and make you own collage in matter of seconds and you don’t need to drill ugly holes in your walls anymore.Once the hanging system is installed, you can organise & rearrange your pictures time and time again without using nails or screws. It is an investment that you will benefit from during the total time of occupancy in your home, office or building!




We are very happy to quote for installing any of our Hanging Systems. But should you Choose to do this yourself please see the demonstration on our home page.We aim to achieve the best, and most cost effective way of solving a problem for our customers some that often crop up unexpectedly at the end of a  job. Typical obstacles include; deep recesses at the top of a wall; protruding paneling or brickwork.

What system should i use ?

We have several for you to choose from, You will find a short description for each to help you select one that is right for you. If you require further assistance or would rather speak to someone then please feel free to give one of our friendly staff a call.